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"Not the opinion of any individual will decide the truth and error, but instead future generations and destiny.

There are things that are not yet true today, perhaps we are not yet permitted to recognize them as true, although they may be true tomorrow.

Our age is seeking a new spring of life. I found one and drank from it and the water tasted good. That is all I can or want to say."

Carl G. Jung
Your time is now! 
Our world needs 
your light.

Evidence-Based Learning

Our programs & courses bridge the gap between what has been and what is emerging into form. They honor the wisdom of our ancestors and are deeply rooted in modern evidence-based practice.

Our curriculum is grounded in the practices and theories of: Transpersonal Psychology, Multidimensional Energy Healing, Metaphysics & Geophysics, Mindfulness Meditation, Hypnosis, Spiritual & Intuitive Healing of ancient and indigenous healers around the world, Mystery School Teachings, Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendentalism, Tantric Philosophy, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism & Taoism and Social Entrepreneurship.

Our programs meet you where you are at.


100% Online & In-person

Every program we offer can be completed 100% online. For students who desire flexibility, Pleiadian Institute offers online opportunities for learning and for healing through our partnership with Indigo Clinics, a holistic tele-health clinic. Flexibility is at the heart of our student experience.

In-person connection including tele-health treatments, coaching, livestreams and retreats enhance your academic experience.


License to Use All Program Resources

All of our programs include custom audio healing experiences on MP3, video masterclasses and PDF guides that present the topics you are learning about in a comprehensive and lively format.

Once you graduate from any of our programs, you are licensed to use ALL mp3s, videos, slides and PDF guides as well as a portfolio of marketing materials to share with your clients and community! 

Work smarter, not harder. Take our resources into your business or community and let them work for you!


Soul Coaching

Energy is invisible, it can sometimes be hard to tell what is happening. Our soul coaching introduces practical lifestyle shifts to fully integrate the energy into your body. Our virtual coaching program supports you in creating and maintaining a high vibrational state of energetic health. It also provides you with a framework you can lead your own clients & community through. You have lots of support, guiding you through the program with practical advice and inspirational guidance


Daily Healing Programs

Holistic healing treatments are clinically proven to be the most effective when experienced within a program. Our healing treatments & programs are designed to fit into your life, and include a daily routine of streaming meditations & multidimensional energy healing experiences that makes it easy to create new habits.

First you experience the daily healing programs yourself. When you are complete, you can take the programs and lead your own clients or community through them!

100% online. Get certified from home.

Healing without borders - learn how to set up a thriving practice or launch a program or product to serve your community locally, nationally & internationally through energy healing, hypnosis & meditation.

Our programs create safe spaces to support you & your clients & community.

Our healing programs teach you to reach a state in which you can transcend the boundaries of ego and encounter a fuller spectrum of transpersonal health.

Our multidimensional healing experiences are tools to reclaim a larger sense of personal, cultural and communal identity and health.


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